• Decorated salad
  • Green vegetables
  • Red sauce, vegetables and egg on top
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About us

Great Quality, Great Service, Fun & Great Hospitality!

In Korean, "Oppa" literally means "older brother of a female person". Similarly, "Noona" means "older sister of a male person". These terms can also be used to convey respect, playfulness, or even be used in a flirtatious way.

OPPA has a strong history of landmarks in west village NYC over 20yrs as a bar. Now, This Oppa met Noona who has an international award-winning design background. Her creativeness with strong landmark history elevate and created Oppa bistro. A new and innovative K-food experience in heart of NYC.

OPPA & Noona believe, "The most personal is the most creative” (Parasite, Dir. Bong Joon Ho).

At Oppa Bistro we wish to bring people together from all walks of life and provide them with an exciting and vibrant atmosphere where they can just be themselves and experience a small piece of what Korean culture has to offer.